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Game description MARIO TOAD DEFENSE

Mario Toad Defense is one of the newest Mario games that you can play online for free today! Everyone knows Nintendo's little italian plumber from his famous video game series. Today you get to play one of his latest game straight from your internet browser so prepare to have a great time! Mario will not be the star of this game but you will surely recognize Toad, the friendly little mushroom that has been by his side for so long. He needs some help with his defense skills and you get to help him out so don't despair and do your best to make as many points as you can in each fun level of the game. You should start by playing through the tutorial because it does a great job describing the gameplay mechanics and everything you need to know about the game. Once you are done playing the tutorial you can further on advance to the first round of this fast paced game and do your best to defend mushroom land from all the evil invaders. To do this you must click on toad and select a good place for him to defend the castle and the princess.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 04.08.2015 | Was played by 5831 times

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