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Game description SCHOOLBUS CAR WASH

Schoolbus Car Wash is one of the best car games that you can now enjoy for free on our site with all of your friends where you get to wash a schoolbus. School buses always get dirty because they are always on the road and they require some cleaning once in a while. Today you get to clean it up and make it look as good as new in time for the new school trip. You get to use all the cleaning products you need to make sure that the bus looks spotless when you are done. Start out by cleaning it with the hose to get all the dirt off it and then use some soap and other cleaning products. Once it's nice and clean you can even give it a nice new paint job to make it look even better. You can pick between different types of colors and designs to make the bus look good so do your best and be creative as you get the bus ready for the trip. Play this game with all of your friends and enjoy your day at the car wash. Clean the bus as best as you can and earn points.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 12.08.2015 | Was played by 14228 times

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