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Game description GUMBALL JEWEL MATCH

Gumball Jewel Match are some of the best gumball games online so look no further for a great jewel game experience. Gumball, the famous cartoon character from Cartoon Network needs you help today because he is involved in a jewel match and he needs to sort out all the jewels before the time runs out. He is going to need some help so do your best to get all the jewels before the time runs out. All you need to do is look out for all the jewels and group them between them according to their color. You need to pair them up in groups of two or more to make them vanish and earn points. Do your best to pair them up as fast as possible if you want to get a new high score and help Gumball with the jewel match. Play this game with all of your friends today and have fun online in the newest and best Gumball inspired games for free. Take your time and play online through all the fun levels that the game has to offer. Once you pass through the first round, unlock all the bonus levels and enjoy your time in the jewel match.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 14.08.2015 | Was played by 13060 times

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