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Game description PRINCESS DOLL HOUSE

Are you ready to play inside the Princess Doll house in the latest girl games? Today you get to spend your time inside the magical doll house so get ready for a fun time! The best thing about it is that you get to decorate it however you desire. If you wan more of a challenge you can enter challenge mode where you will need to decorate the doll house according to a pattern. You can pick between different difficulty levels but make sure you pick one that you can play through. You should start with the easy mode and once you get the hang of it you can advance to the hard difficulty level that will really test you skill. In the hard level you will get a glimpse at the doll house fully decorated and afterwards you need to use your memory to decorate it exactly as it was. You get points with each objects of character that you place in the right place so try to get as many as possible if you want to get a new high score and enjoy a nice play date with the princess and the doll house. Enjoy and have fun!


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 14.08.2015 | Was played by 11544 times

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