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Game description OLD MAN FISHING STYLE

Fishing games are a very relaxing alternative to real fishing and old men always enjoy nice fish games. This is one of the best fishing games to start off your day in a great way. Every old man likes to get out of the house once in a while and enjoy some fishing. There is nothing more relaxing than a nice day at the lake and enjoying the fine weather while fishing. This old man has had enough with his big city life and took off for the weekend to reconnect with nature and enjoy his favourite sport. He needs some help though because he is not as young as he once was. Take your time to get used to the boat controls before you start fishing to get some points. Try to aim for the bigger fish if you want to get more points and watch out for all the garbage in the lake because that will take points away from you. Challenge all your friends and family to a nice game of fishing and see who gets the best score. Try to catch all the fish as fast as you can to earn extra bonus points and submit your score. Have fun!


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 20.01.2014 | Was played by 1523 times

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