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If you are looking for an awesome horse game that will rock your world, nothing screams awesome quite like a robot unicorn that runs around a fairy tale wasteland destroying everything in his way and making giant leaps of faith. All metal fans will likely enjoy the game's soundtrack which is a nice compilation that will keep you in touch with the game's fast pace. This is no ordinary horse game as you probably realised already and the steam punk scenario will make you want to play it to the end. Along the way out robot unicorn will encounter different types of enemies and obstacles that you have to dodge. The game is as fun to play as it is difficult and remember that every wrong turn is fatal so be extra careful. Use the dash of death move to run through different objects and enemies and gather all the stars to earn extra points. Enjoy the fast paced action and join the adventure of a lifetime. Robot Unicorn is ready for everything that comes in his way and needs your quick reflexes and experience to get through each level safely. Take your time and enjoy ! Have fun !


Use the X key to jump and double jump and the Z key for a dash of deaht

This game was added on 02.12.2013 | Was played by 1383 times

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