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Game description WEEKEND FISHING

Fishing is a fun thing to do! Online fishing games are fun to play and help you improve your fishing skills or if you want to go fishing and don' t know how to fish you can easy learn to do it by just playing fishing games online. Playing and learning in the same time is the best method to achieve something. If you already are a fishing fan and want to test your fishing skills then check out now our new free fun sport game online Weekend Fishing and have fun while trying to catch big heavy fishes to use them and brag with your achievement. It' s a fun game in which you need to use your fast fingers and focus to make the best catch ever. The faster you move your fingers to catch the fish the more points you will obtain. More points mean that you can be the best player at this game and this is what everybody dreams about, to be the best and win the game. You will have so much fun playing this brand new exciting game which will show you a thing which is helpful also in real life! Thank you for selecting our brand new free online fishing game!


Use the mouse to play this game and follow the instructions that appear at the beginning of the game.

This game was added on 21.01.2014 | Was played by 1440 times

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