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Game description GROW ISLAND

If you enjoyed the last construction games you will be thrilled about the new y8 games grow island. This is the first game in the grow island games series and it's super fun to play. You get to play as a designer,constructor and scientist on an island. To get to grow your own island according to your liking so everything is possible as long as you are creative and keep it all original and fresh. This game is a lot more complex than it looks so make sure you start off by reading all the instructions carefully and play through the tutorial before you start growing anything. You begin your quest on an island and it's your duty to construct different things and grow other things on it to make it look nice for the future inhabitants. You have to careful and make sure you level up as much as possible. Watch out for all the obstacles and dangers like volcanoes and floods and find the perfect solution for every thing that stands in your way of creating the perfect island. Use your creativity and create a perfect environment to live in and make sure everyone feels safe on your island. Have fun!


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 21.01.2014 | Was played by 1861 times

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