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Game description BAD ICE CREAM 3

Cooking ice cream can be a fun thing to do! Cooking ice cream in a factory is more interesting. But what if something goes wrong and suddenly everything turns upside down? Like for example today, when all the cute yummy delicious ice creams that people made in huge factory decided to take over the planet. Tired of the cranky humans which only eat them during the summer, the ice cream gang taught of an icy invasion. They are cooking up a big sneaky plan to take over the world directly in the heart of the ice factory. They think they can trick humans into listening to them and eat them more and faster and after all humans are full and with no power of doing anything they want to take over the world. In order for that not to happen and face an icy situation that will last forever, just like ice, play now our new free fun online icy game Bad Ice Cream 3 and start defending Earth from the nasty stupid ice creams which think they could actually rule over the world. Play the game and show them were they belong. Have fun while playing this new exciting ice cream game and thank you for selecting it!


Use the mouse to play this game and read the instructions of the game.

This game was added on 28.01.2014 | Was played by 3848 times

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