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Game description SUPER MARIO BOMBER

Mario games are very famous games which everybody enjoy to play. Almost everyone on this planet knows the adventures of the tiny funny character Mario and love' s playing his games and accomplishing his tasks. He bring' s us daily brand new tasks to complete together with him. There are so many nasty situations happening all over around the globe and Mario is all alone now cause the others are in different places trying to save the world! But there are situations when everything is crazy around and friends start to battle against each other. One crazy situation is happening today regarding our newest free online game Super Mario Bomber. Play it now and see what' s happening. Due to an awful spell created by a powerful old ugly witch the Mario friends are now crazy and started to fight one against each other! Mario is the only one immune to the spell and he is desperately trying ti reestablish peace and friendship among the guys. To do that he need' s your help to fight against them and capture them so that he will give them the antidote. Play now our free fun online game and help Mario out! Thank you for choosing our brand new online game!


Use the arrows from the keyboard to play this game.

This game was added on 21.01.2014 | Was played by 1598 times

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