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Game description SUPER MARIO ROBOT

Are you ready for a Science Fiction take on your favourite mario games online? This game is a new take on the classic mario games for kids and can be enjoyed by everyone regarding of age. Mario had some trouble in Bowser's castle last time so he decided to get an upgrade from his scientist friend Doctor Mushroom. The doctor turned Mario into a robot and gave him new special abilities. Besides the extra speed and jumping power he also got a new gun to use against the evil Koopa Empire. So, as you may have expected, the princess has been kidnapped yet again and needs Mario to come and save her once again. Do you think you are ready for an epic SF quest like this one? Guide robot Mario through all the levels and make sure that Mario gets to the castle safely and defeats the evil Bowser. Being a robot has it's perks so you are still vulnerable if you fall in the never ending holes of the realm so watch out. Use all of Mario's new features and blast your way through all the level and gather different gems to earn extra points for your high score.


Use the arrow keys and the Space bar to play this game

This game was added on 22.01.2014 | Was played by 1730 times

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