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Garfield games

Garfield has been around since the 70s and if you are a fan of comic strips you are going to love playing the latest Garfield games online for free. Garfield is a short and chubby cat that loves eating and enjoying life the way he does. You can now play the best garfield free games online with all your friends and enjoy all the funny situation he ends up in. We all know that Garfield loves to eat, don't we? So you may expect a few cooking games along the way in this category. Do you know what Garfield's favorite food is? It's lasagna! He loves it and would do literally anything for a nice plate of pasta. Even though he is always sarcastic and ironic he has good intentions all the time and he loves his friends. If you enjoy playing free games for kids you are going to love playing through all the levels with your favorite cat. Whether you are cooking some food or are out on an adventure game finding hidden objects you will surely have a great time playing the games on your android device or straight from your browser on your personal computer or laptop.