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Generator Rex

Many kids out there love playing generator Rex brand new games 3d online for free! Despite of the fact that we aren't yet certain of what kids think of the Ben 10 vs generator Rex games, we tend to think that kids and especially preschool kids love them both the same, cause as you can see the both categories of games include enemies, DNA transformation options and all kinds of alien and mutant creatures which tend to take over the world. Also among the similarities is the fact that both kids work in a corporation that protects the world from EVO's and all kinds of alien forms which threatens to kill and destroy the people on Earth. Meet yourself Rex as a super hero and as a teenager, a boy of only fifteen year old. Find out how it is to work for the E.V.O protection and work with Agent Six, Bobo Haha, Dr. Rebecca Holiday and other characters that you may meet in the series. So if you're ready for action, love to play adventures, RPG 3d games and especially shooter and alien unity 3d games, you're in the right place cause there's going to be plenty of this here, you just need the time and the friends to share with. Have fun!