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Ghost games

Join our website and play one of the best ghost games for kids you can find for free online! Have you seen Ghost rider? If you love the scary things, Halloween, ghosts and monsters, than you must certainty want to check out our fun ghost summoning games. Kind of weird, not for everyone, but the only ones that are familiar with Ghost Busters or something similar they will love to go hunting for ghosts. Do you believe in ghosts and haunted houses? Well if you do, than this is the category for you, as you will get to interact with some of the most famous ghosts, like Casper, Slimmer and other celebrity ghosts you could think of. But if you also are the kind of kid who doesn't believe in things which you can't touch these games could be the proof that there is also spirits and ghosts. If some of the times you'll have to hunt them down, other times you'll have to help the little ghosts win or complete different obstacles. Prove that you can handle any situation and even if you also become a ghost you can pass all the levels, enemies and possible obstacles that might come in your face. Good Luck!