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First aired on Cartoon Network, the Gormiti series is one that brings many hours of fun adventurous days for many of those who watch the show. The Gormiti characters are the two brothers Nick Tripp and Toby Tripp, Lucas Wanson, Jessica Herleins which is the only girls in their group of friends, Razzle the sarcastic dinosaur, the siblings Paula Pickney and Ike Pickney and Gina Lauren who is Jessica's best friend. There are a total of three seasons that lets the viewer experience the great imaginary world of the Gormiti. The group of friends will often fight together as they advance through new adventures. Following the footsteps of the great Gormiti series, the many games that followed were well received by many fans around the world. Some of these games are puzzle Gormiti, Gormiti fighting games, Gormiti online rpg, Gormiti battle games, Gormiti fighting games and Gormiti 3D games. Play Gormiti online games here, together with your friends and family and enjoy new Gormiti games for 2 players and even the Igrice Gormiti game, the Igrice Gormiti 2 game and the Igrice Gormiti 3 game all for free. Join the millions already playing these free games online, right here, together with your friends, colleagues and siblings for a fun filled afternoon.