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Green Lantern games

Have you ever wanted to try one of the green lantern games online for free? Well if you also like super heroes and you watch cartoon network you have surely seen the Green Lantern the animated series. Also you should know that he is not alone, he has also some other Lantern friends who can help him take down the possible enemies who are trying to invade the world. Here are just some of the characters you'll meet in justice league games and green lantern video games online, Hal Jordan also known as the Green Lantern, Kilowog, Aya, Razer, and also the guardians of the Universe like Ganthet, Appa Ali Apsa, Sayd and last but not least Scar. There are also lots of Lantern Corps, Machines and other characters that you may need to know, help or even fight against. Do you follow comic books? If you also have comic books you might find different stories and adventures related to the ones that you have there, so it might come in handy if you had read them. Learn how to become a hero from one of the most powerful man that ever lived on planet Earth. Share your favorite game and let your friends play with justice league heroes!