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GTA Games

How much do you love gta games? Well you have surely heard of one of the most controversed game of all time. With realistic graphics, awesome cars, missions, role-playing, action, third-person shooting, adventure and racing elements, GTA game series has all that a player could love to play in a game. Since Grand Theft Autor 2D, with the action in London, the team from Rockstar North and Rockstar games had made all kinds of interesting stories, with different characters you will get to play. The action moves in United States where, you will get to drive on the streets of Liberty City, Vice City and finally San Andreas which are really similar with real life cities. So kids if you are for an adventure, get ready, cause there's going to be plenty of gangsta stuff in here, from stealing cars to all kinds of shooting games in which you'll have to shoot enemies, drive through all kinds of cities, and get all kinds of missions. And kids get ready cause this game you might want to download on you pc, cause you can get addicted to them, however if you don't get to download it, you can still play it for free.