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H2O Just Add Water

First seen on Network Ten, the H2O Just Add Water games are here and you can discover all the fun you can have with three teenagers which have to face everyday with teenage girl problems and all kinds of obstacles and adventures. Made in Australia, the series had known a great success all across the world, kids from Unites States, Argentina, Europe, Russia, Africa, all the way to Asia know the three h2o mermaid dress up games and shows which had been made. In 2014 we bring you some of the most fun h2o just add water dress up games which you can play online for free. Meet your favorite characters like Rikki, Emma or Cleo the three sixteen years old girls who had became mermaids by accident. As you will see in the adventure games that you choose to play with the h2o mermaids, being a magical creature like this has it's ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages, which they have to learn to live with. Gladly Lewis, and even you can help them in the h2o just add water coloring, drawing or puzzle games which are the kind of games that every girl will adore playing online for free!