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Handy Manny

The Disney channel is home of some of the best shows that you can find online or watch on TV every saturday morning. You are going to have a lot of fun watching and playing the best handy manny games online for free. Handy Manny is the hero of the story and you will soon get to know him better in this great series of games. He is the owner of a repair shop and loves to help out people with their handy work. His best friends are his tools because they spend a lot of time together and became fond of one another. His tools include Felipe the philips head screw driver, Turner the flat head screw driver, Pat the hammer, Dusty the hand saw, Rusty the monkey ranch and Stretch the tape measure. They are all funny in their own way and plan on doing anything they can do to help out Manny in all his adventures. You can now enjoy the latest construction games with handy many and even watch handy manny episodes online with all your friends and family. Help the young repair man fix up all the things that are broken in his town and make sure he does a great job.