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Hero 108 Games

Cartoon network is one of the greatest hosts for Hero 108 games, it has lots of awesome TV-shows and its also the home of the Hero108 and other fun Chinese and English cartoons. In this category we will be bringing you the newest hero 108 3d games for kids. But who are these heroes and what are they defending or what are they looking for? Well as you will see in the cartoonnetwork hero 108 online games, it's a very old story about humans and animals and the dispute that had started when Sportiflex had tricked the animals in thinking the humans are bad, but things aren't going to remain like this, and if you choose to play games with hero 108 you will see that the Big Green headed by Commander ApeTrully, Woo the Wise and their teams the First squad, Second Squad, Big Green Air Force and the other warriors like Mr. No Hands, Lin Chung, Mistique Sonia and the other members will use their super powers to fight against the villains in hero 108 fighting games. It won't be easy and most of the time there will be all kinds of super powered villains like the Zebra brothers who will get them in trouble, but if your prove to be brave, you can join any adventure and help the hero 108 team defeat all their enemies. Have fun with your friends playing all multiplayer games with hero108 from cartoon network!