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Hidden number games

We have some new hidden number games 2014 for kids that you must try! No matter the age you have you can still play any of the find the hidden number games online for kids here, they will put your eyes and sometimes mind to the challenge. Think you can see the all the details in various pictures? Well its time you prove it and what better way to prove it than playing a spot the hidden number game like the ones we've collected for you in this category. Now more than ever you can take advantage of these pbs kids number games to help them learn the numbers and even how to count them. With various scenes from fairy tale books, Disney cartoons and all kinds of landscapes with animals and cars and various objects with different colors and lots and lots of toys which kids love to play with. So if you have the courage to test your eyes, this is your best choice, you'll find games that has different modes of giving points, highscores, time based or another way of making the game more interesting. Tell us and your friends which one you like the most by posting your favorite to Facebook and Twitter!