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Hulk vs Thor

Enter the marvel universe of super heroes and join the epic battle of Hulk vs Thor in the comic book stage. If you are a comic book and just can't get enough of marvel movies you will most likely enjoy playing with your favorite heroes in these great fun games. The Marvel world is filled with heroes and evil doers and sometimes heroes end up fighting each other. The Avengers arc story brings you Hulk vs Thor in the best online free games online on the internet. Enjoy the fighting heroes games online straight from your browser or try playing it on your android mobile phone. Who is your favorite Marver super hero? Is it the norse god Thor or the angry destruction machine Hulk? They often battle in the comic books to test their power. Sometimes Hulk wins and sometimes Thor ends up tryumphant. Today you get to pick the victor in the newest comic book thor vs hulk games. Is Thor's hammer going to be tougher than the Hulk's raw force or is the Hulk going to smash him? You will also recognize Iron Man, Captain America, Spider Man and the rest of the avengers inside these great interactive super hero thor games for kids.