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iCarly games

Some of you might be fans of iCarly games or at least of iCarly sitcom from Nickelodeon. For those of you who love the characters and also the show, you will be very glad when you'll get to discover all these fun icarly games for free dress up online. Very popular among teens, the show has many episodes, fun videos which you will enjoy watching. Meet the main characters, Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, Spencer Shay or Gibby and play all the adventures you'll find with them. Also for fans the puzzle, dress up, room decoration or other fan made games that you'll enjoy playing for free. If the titles iShock America, iGoodbye or iSpace Out sounds familiar to you, than you must try these games online. Join Carly and Sam in their adventure of becoming one of the most famous pop-stars ever and also escape from the obstacles and challenges that Freddie and Spencer or Gibby are putting in their way. If you want also to become a singer, song-writer maybe the iCarly show is one of the nickelodeon TV shows that you may want to start watching. Good Luck saving Carly and Freddie's career in the online girl games here!