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Playing our best karate games will teach you one of the most popular self defence education you can have. Have fun learning Karate, now you can either learn it by going to a martial arts school, or simply by playing a game with karate online. Karate is a technique which require you to use your open hands, spread hands, palm-heel strikes, joint locks, throws and even fatal strikes. This Japanese style of fighting is very spectacular and even more fun if you get to play our karate game with 2 players, these free online fighting games are awesome, you can choose to play with players of different sizes and styles, if you're familiar with Street Fighter, Mortal Combat or other fighting games you will surely love our collection of karate online games for PC, also among our top fighting games you will get to meet even other styles of fighting and self defence, styles such as shaolin kung fu, box, kick-box, aikido, wing chun or jiu-jitsu. So whatever you're looking to learn a new style of defending yourself or just looking to have some action, uou can fight against your friends in multiplayer karate free games online. We have for you various games that you can try for free, just dive in our category and pick the style and game you like the most, practice, fight and prove that you are the best fighter of them all!