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Kick Buttowski Games

Did you ever wanted to try some fun Kick Buttowski games for kids? Well children, if you also like to watch the Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil Disney XD series, than you surely going to enjoy joining our Disney character in some awesome 3D adventures. If you also love to do stunts, extreme sports and other things that requires you to be brave and also have some kind of special skills, than you will surely enjoy this new collection of games with Kick Buttowski. Meet all your favorite friends from this wonderful cartoon series, help Clarence Francis and his friends, Gunther Magnuson, Bradley Brad Buttowski and the other fun characters like Brianna, Harold and Honey help him put on his equipment, get his devices and machines ready and get him ready for some new awesome stunts. So if you're also ready to say no to danger and death, it's time you join a new adventure, help our kid pass all kinds of obstacles, project and build all kinds of stunts, score points, unlock all kinds of bonuses, characters, levels and discover all the fun you can get from a Disney game like this. Share your favorite one on Facebook and other social media so your friends can also have some fun!