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Krypto the Superdog

Play some of the most fun Krypto the Superdog games you can find online! We know how much you like the Superman games, that is why we brought you some interesting krypto the superdog action games which you can again play for free with your friends online. But who is this superdog and from where his power came from? Well some say that he came from the same planet from where Super Man came from, and he is one of the few dogs that will do anything to save the world. As you may know if you watch the cartoon series on cartoon network he is the dog of a kid who hasn't to many friends, and since he had Krypto his life changed quite a much. You will be surprised how often this cute super power dog, helps him and also the other people there, also some times you'll find krypto the superdog in some awesome flash games with Superman, and you'll have to help him complete all kinds of missions and save the planet from super villains or other kind of monsters which wants to control the universe. Play also some of the few coloring and drawing games with Krypto the lovable pet.