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Lego games

If you haven't played any lego games before, you had no childhood! Lego sets have been the greatest toys a kid could have because they are always fun to assemble and reassemble and because they can really boost a child's creativity in all the ways you can imagine. The Lego blocks have been invented in Denmark in the late 40s and it has since then become a great succes with the public. It's been a really big hit business wise too because it spawned hundreds of shops, video games, four Lego Land theme parks and recently a hit blockbuster movie entitled The Lego Movie. The movie was great and if you haven't seen it, you really have to! All the kids can now enjoy the newest lego games and create their own perfect world of blocks. Play anything from lego racers games to lego batman and lego star wars game with all your friends and put together all the blocks the right way. The best thing about legos is that there is no wrong way because even if you do not follow the instructions you will still end up with a fun vehicle, character or structure to have fun with.