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Looney Tunes

Watching cartoons on a saturday morning is something really special for a kid and playing looney tunes games is just as great as it seems. The newest looney interactive experienced are now online for free and can be enjoyed by little kids and even 5 year old kids. You are probably all familiar with the popular Looney franchise and will recognize the Bugs Bunny games and the Daffy Duck ones. Get ready for some serious fun because Porky Pig games can now be found online and you can enjoy them all in a flash based or unity 3d type. The Looney universe is a great place and you will have a great time for sure. Cartoon Network is one of the most popular kids channel where you can play the latest looney games for free online. Our site now brings a whole new meaning to the cartoon genre as kids can start playing our games on the internet straight from their computer or their mobile device. You will be able to find the popular Bugs Bunny Lost in time and the Bugs Bunny Crazy castle series of games down to everyone's favorite Tasmanian devil Taz game and Road Runner game.