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Madagascar Games

Madagascar is one of the best animated motion pictures to come out of the Dream Works studio and all fans of the series will surely enjoy playing the latest Madagascar games online with all their friends and family. You will get to join all your favorite characters in a series of fun madagascar adventure games. Meet up with the main cast which consists of Marty the zebra, Alex the lion, Melman the awkward giraffe and Gloria the hippopotamus and enjoy your time in the sunny land of Madagascar. If you are a fan of the cartoon you will most certainly also recognize the funny penguin squad. Kowalski, Private, Rico and their leader Rico. All the animals have one thing in common and that thing is the need for freedom. They are all locked up in a zoo and dream of one day running wild and free. You will get to help them out in a series of escape games so get ready for some action. You can also check out all the newest episodes of the webseries of Madagascar and enjoy all the funny adventures these great characters get into. Don't forget to check out the latest madagascar games download free and enjoy.