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Welcome to Mahjong games category, for those kids and older people who are Chinese puzzle enthusiasts we have prepared all kinds of online games with Mahjong for everyone to explore and have fun. But what is Mahjong and where did it come from? If you also love the Chinese symbols and characters, maybe you had played before a game of rummy, where you will be surprised to find out that the Mahjong puzzle games combines them very well, it uses various Chinese symbols, and to play the game you will need to prove strategy abilities, logic and patience. You nust pay attention to your calculation in order to score as high as possible. You can play mahjong online in single player mode, or with more players online, though the classic game of Mahjong is played with four people, here you will find puzzles and other types of Mah jong that you'll surely enjoy playing on your own or with other players. So get ready to match all the tiles with Bamboos, Chinese Characters, Circles or special symbols like Winds, Dragons, Flowers or Seasons, remember that in a board game like this the player who finishes most quickly and has the most valuable cards wins!