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Mulan Games

The Disney Universe is a magical place and where there is is magic, mulan games can always be found. Every kid needs to see the Disney classics at least once in their life and Mulan is one of the best cartoons to come out of the Disney studio in the 90s and it's suitable for kids of all ages but especially for girls who need a strong role model. Mulan games for free are really fun to play and today you can enjoy them all online with all your friends on your personal computer or android device. Most games will have you helping Mulan save the empire from the evil invaders or mulan riding horse games. Being a Disney princess you ca expect to find mulan dressing games also in this category so if you love fashion and princesses you will surely love dressing up princess Mulan in the newest Disney games online. You will also recognize other famous characters from the show like Mushu the dragon who stands by the young princesses's back and helps her out in all he missions. Enjoy the great sceneries in all the oriental backgrounds and save the empire along side Mulan the brave princess.