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Pink Panther

Join the fun in the newest pink panther games online for free and have fun with the cartoon panther in different types of adventures and situations. The pink panther is always up to no good and it's always a lot of fun to watch and play. Playing pink panther coloring games is pure joy for kids of all ages and you will most likely enjoy every level of it. The levels are usually perfect for 4 year old kids because it will help them boost their imagination in different types of situations. Pink panther and pals games are great for multiplayer and the 2 player option will bring together friends of all ages in a fun and enjoyable experience. Our dear panther has a soft spot for the color pink and his enemy loves the color blue so you can expect a lot of coloring games that will put blue vs pink in a funny arrangement. Enjoy helping the panther and all his friends in the newest online free games for kids. The game may vary from classic 2d plat formers to dress up games or even the newer unity 3d games that will keep you wanting more and more points.