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Police games

Free police game for the justice seeker in you. Keep the villains in cheek when you are on the force in these brand new games for you and your friends to play. All you need to enjoy these police games online is a working internet connection and a device to play on. Get right into all the action with these police car games. All genres of police games online for kids for when you are bored of the same old games. Play the multiple police shooting games or the Lego police games online all for free. Enjoy hours of action-packed adventure police games and join the millions already playing free police games right from their home. The police is an important organisation whose purpose is to stop, punish and lock up all the villains in the world. Only the best and most righteous people end up as real policemen and maybe even detectives who work together in an attempt to rid the world of evil and corruption. Take your chances and try to become the best police officer in your city. After all, only special people are selected to become real and valuable police officers. Every year there are many men and women that try to enter the police academy, will you be one to succeed? Start preparing now by playing all these exciting police games right at home.