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Do you understand politics? Put your understanding of politics to the test in these free new political games for you and your friends. Play with your favorite political figure in these elections 2014 games or play against your most disliked political figure in these government games for kids of all ages. Try out new political simulation games, election games, political board games and even government politics revisions games right at your home. Get your parents to talk to you about the latest changes in the political scene and play together with them the free political simulation games. All you need to play these fun and satirical ones is a working internet connection and a computer you can access us from. Call over your friends and your sibling and play fun and weird political online free strategy games together with them. Compete with them and see who can win. Will it be the political figure that you hoped for? Start now to understand better the politics of your country and have fun while doing so. Gather your information and decide who you will vote for at the next election and why. Discuss it with your friends and relatives and impress them with the incredible knowledge that you posses in this field. Join the growing percentage that actually know about politics by playing here with your friends and family.