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Join the world of Polly Pocket games and discover all the fun a girl can have with toys, makeover tools and all kinds of clothes and accessories she can use for dressing her favorite Polly Pocket toy characters. But who is this girl and what do kids love so much about her in 2014? Well you must know that first of all that her appearance or style is very similar to the one that you find in Barbie and Bratz dolls, make sure to not mistake this dolls between them. Anyhow, not only toys, but you'll find also a lot of videos, books and sites with this super girl. As you'll find in the cartoons, Polly Pocket is a lovely girl with blonde hair, light blue eyes, with a very friendly personality, optimistic and very energetic. You can be sure you'll have lots of fun with this girl in lots of interesting educational games for children. Also for the girls who loves to dress up toys, change their hairstyle and makeover you can be sure that they'll find a game in which they can try all kinds of dresses, accessories and lots of other stuff which you would like to combine. Have fun!