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Popeye Games

Discover the new Popeye games of 2014! One of the most powerful yet a really great character, Popeye the Sailor Man has not yet gone, even more than that he is back with new forces, with more spinach and more challenging adventures in which you can explore all kinds of new fun stuff and fun puzzles, riddles, and all the fun Popeye the Sailor Man games. Join wants again Popeye, Olive Oyl, Harold and the other characters in some of the most fun puzzle and adventure games you could ever think. Maybe some of the most new kids won't know who are these characters, is most probably that they don't know who is him and what is all about this Sailor man. But anyhow, they will be glad to find out more about the story by playing a fun coloring game with Popeye and there they will be introduced in all that they need to know about his story. Play even a fun action adventure game and find out how you can save a Olive Oyl, eat as much spinach as you can to get strong and defeat the enemies which tries do put obstacles in front of you or heart your enemies. Good Luck!