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Randy Cunningham

The Randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja games are finally here! Welcome to the new world of ninja, if you also adore the new Disney XD randy Cunningham games, then you surely going to adore the adventure and ninja games you'll find here! Do you know the story of our little Randy Cunningham? Well it all happens in Norrisville, a place which had been protected by ninjas for more than 800 years. What the people don't know is that once every four years the ninja has to change, and well form this year on, our 9th grade Randy Cunningham is going to be the ninja who will have to protect his city from the evil villains. Join Randy and his friend Howard, two kids very intelligent who loves riddles and adventures in a fun randy Cunningham game punchocalypse where you can have lots of fun fighting the evil villains like the Sorcerer, Hannibal McFist, Willem Viceroy or the robo apes. These are just some of the games that you may surely find interesting in our category, but there are also some simple puzzle, dress up, arcade or even racing games with Randy Cunningham and other funny ninjas from the Disney XD cartoons. Enjoy!