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The world of Redakai is a world filled with adventure and action and today you get to take part in the struggle between good and evil in the latest Redakai episodes. Redakai is a special ki force that only a few chosen human have and now you can enter the arena and fight for your planet. Evil aliens have invaded the planet Earth and only the Redakai warriors can save them. It's all about energy and the more energy someone has the more force of transformation he will posses. These warriors have the special ability to turn into strong and powerful beasts. Do your best to charge enough energy into all your characters and turn them into fighting beasts. The story revolves around Ky who is a young student of martial arts that needs to save the planet. He and his friends are on an epic quest to find a primordial alien energy source named Kairu to get an energy boost and get closer to the final form of Redakai. Fight your way through all the aliens and try to get as many energy shots as you can like in most Redakay episodes online for free. Enjoy the energy and have fun!