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Join the fun regular show games online and have fun with two of the most funny characters from cartoon network, Rigby and Mordecai. If you like their cartoon episodes you will surely love to play Mordecai and rigby zombie games online. This cartoon series are very liked by young people and older ones as well, as the show treats a large variety of subjects witch are very common on teenagers. With some of the most amusing characters you will ever see, for example there's the coworker Skips, a yeti, there's their boss, Benson a gumball machine, or Pop a man with a lollipop for a head, and then again there's the Hi-Five Ghost, a green Muscle man and many more which is impossible not to find funny and last but not least the main characters, a blue jay and a little clever raccoon. So finally are you ready to for some fun Mordecai and rigby regular show 3d games online? All the games here are absolutely free, you can join your favorite characters in all kinds of fun adventures and find the best way to complete all kinds of challenges, tasks or special quests in which you'll find your favorite characters. Good Luck!