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Sheep games

Meet some of the most funny animals in our sheep games, a place were you can play with lots of sheeps. You can have fun with their fur or should I say wool, you'll be amazed by their expression and their way of being, this animals are really fun and easy to grow and even more fun to play with. This is why in this category we will do our best to bring you the best games with sheep for kids that we can find. You surely had heard of stories, or even seen movies and cartoons with popular sheep like Dolly, the first sheep that had been cloned, the black sheep, or the sheep attack, even more there are already lots of games from the Home Sheep Home series, which has lots of great stories and fun game designs, here the player will be put to the test as he will have to figure out what kind of objects he can use and even more which sheep will do the job better and sometime all them together have to work in team in order to accomplish the objective in the game. Also for those out there who would love to work as farmers we have also a collection of facebook farm ville games, farms in which you will have to learn how to grow, take care or shave a sheep, there are even math games in which you will have to calculate the number of animals which you have in your farm. We don't have to say more that in this category you will find surely a variety of boys and girl games from which you will surely find one that suits your taste. Have fun!