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Skylanders games

Have you ever asked yourselves how many skylanders games are there? Well if you are also as enthusiastic as we are about the skylanders 3d games which appeared in 2014 and want to discover more about the little monsters and dragons than here you can be sure you'll get to know them for sure. Here are just some of the top titles you'll find interesting enough to play, for example there is Skylander: Spyro Adventure, Punch Pop Fizz, Swap Force and other legendary variations which you will surely find interesting. Since the first versions had been released, the online 3D games with skylanders are free and available on major platforms, you can have lots of fun playing a the game on wii, 3ds, ps3, ps4, android and iOS mobile devices, Xbox 360 and most of all platforms out there. The story and the games are quite addicting, once you get your hand on the monsters and dragoons, there is no way back. You'll be caught in a fantastic world, full of online players who share the same believes, who work and grow their dragons and skylanders as you do. Challenge your friends, join quests and fight in battles, make anything you can do to become the master of the Skylanders!