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Ever heard of Slugterra? Well get prepared cause in this battle for slugterra games you're about to hear plenty of this underground imaginary place, about its creatures and other fantasy things that hides. If you are a fan of Disney XD and you also watch Disney XD Canada, or in any other place on Earth for that matter, you might know already the protagonist of the series, also known as Eliott Shane or Eli, who is a 15 year old and got on an adventure to save Will Shane, his older brother, accompanied by only his slug creature named Burpy, and this is where his adventure had began. But as you may seen on TV or in the next Disney xd slugterra online games, he won't be left alone to fight against all the creatures out there and the villains who hides in the dark, he will also meet Pronto, a slugslinger and adventurer, Beatrice or Trixie who is also one of the Shane Gang's resident and Kord Zane. Together they will fight against any possible villains the will meet ahead and also participate in slug fighting championships like the one in the movie Slugterra Ghoul from Beyond 2014. Find out more about this awesome slug creatures and also how to win the championship playing the best 3d slugterra online games for free!