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All new Smurfs game that will keep you playing for hours. Everybody loves the little Smurfs as they are a phenomenon among children of all ages. The Smurfs have a long history when it comes to animated cartoons, as they are well known by adults and children alike. Whether you know the original Smurfs or the movies that later appeared such as the Smurfs 2, you probably have been fascinated by these lively blue little creatures. Here, in this category, you will find various smurfs game online, and most important of all, free smurf games that can be enjoyed by everyone. Take your time and browse through the many smurf games for kids as we have all the kinds of games that you want. From smurf activities games, smurf village games, dress up smurfettes games, smurf cars games, and even smurf spot the difference or smurfs game riddle 2, all here for you to enjoy right at home. The smurfy idea to create the Smurfs came to a comic artist named Peyo who managed to create over 100 smurfs, many of which had names that showed a dominant characteristic. Such as Jokey Smurf who enjoys playing practical jokes, Clumsy Smurf that is rather graceless as he wreaks chaos with his clumsiness or Papa Smurf who is the wiser of them all, and even Smurfette which is the first female smurf that appeared in the series. Play these fun smurfy games and enjoy hours of fun together with your family.