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Sofia the First

Enter a world of magic in the Disney universe and discover the wonderful tale of Sofia the first who just became princess of the Flying castle after her mother married King Roland the second. She loves her new princess life and she enjoys being appreciated for her qualities and morale values. If you love fairy tales and princess stories you are going to love watching the latest Sofia the first episodes online for free. You can now check them out on youtube or you can see cutscenes in the new disney games online. You can now play everything from Sofia the first dress up games to kids coloring games. Girls will surely appreciate playing all the newest additions to the game category because Sofia is a great role model. She is beautiful and smart and always help her friends in need. She will some day be a great queen. Until then, she can enjoy her childhood at the flying castle. She is not alone, she has her friends Flora, Fauna and Merryweather she will learn how to behave like a real princess and act up to her title. You may know the three fairies from the famous Sleeping beauty tales.