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Mostly know from the first versions of windows, the solitaire games for kids had become very popular among grown ups, teenagers and of course kids. But we're more than sure that the most people play these klondike solitaire games at work, at school or in other business work stations. Anyhow among the classic solitaire games there are also lots of other versions that you must try. Spider solitaire, Heartd, FreeCell and other board games are just a few of the fun solitaire card versions which you must try. Today in 2014, we know that developers had done some 3d solitaire versions which respects the basic game rules, and applies them so that you can still have the same amount of fun, or even better take advantage of the new generation of games with cards like solitaire and get rid of the boredom. Even if on the latest version of windows 8.1 or windows phone, the latest versions of solitaire are quite different, you can still play one just like the one you had played on XP, by searching for it in our category. There are also all kinds of custom themes you might find interesting and you want to try it. Feel free to try as many as you can and score as many points you can. Enjoy!