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Do you remember the Sega brand and console? It was one of the biggest players in the old console wars and was fighting it out with Nintendo for supremacy with their famous sonic games. Sonic would battle Mario in sales and Sega would put out different online sonic games for free for every fan to enjoy. Sonic is still around nowadays just not as much as before but he still stars in his own sonic rpg 8 games. For those of you who do not know, Sonic is a hedgehog that is also a super hero. His special powers include super speed that can be achieved once you find enough golden rings in each of the levels. Sonic but battle his arch enemy Doctor Eggman who is always trying to take over the town. Sonic is not alone as you will soon see in the sonic 2 player games, you also have Tails, Sonic's trusty sidekick. Go ahead and call a friend over to join you in the best multiplayer games you can play online for free. Take your time and explore all the levels of all the games to unlock different hidden mysteries and enjoy solving puzzles in the sonic 3d.