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Step inside a world of comic book in the Marvel Universe and help Spiderman defeat all his enemies in an epic super hero adventure. As most of you comic book fans know, Spiderman has his powers from a spider that bit him after an experiment. He now possesses super human speed and strenght and the ability to jump from one building to another using his specially designed web. You can now enjoy a wide variety of spiderman games 3D with all your comic book loving friends online on our website. If you have seen the latest movie The Amazing Spiderman you probably can't wait to get into the action of this game. You will have to battle different enemies of Spiderman like Doctor Octopus or the Green Goblin in these spiderman games for kids online. Pick your favorite spider suit and start the fun! Use your web to jump from one building to another until you get to the final fight. You can play anything from coloring games with spiderman to new super hero games for kids. You will surely recognize different other super heroes from Wolverine of the X Men and even Captain America and Iron Man from the Mighty Avengers.