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There's no doubt that sports games online and mostly offline are healthy. Many of the people and even more the kids have to work out, get fit, not only eat healthy but also exercise, and what better way to exercise than playing some fun ea sport games online 3D for PC? Well luckily for you we have a collection of 3d sports games that you can download or simply play online for free. No matter that you are a boy or girl we have all kinds of sports which is good for both of you. From awesome 3d soccer and football games to all kinds of tennis, basketball, volleyball, dancing, running, swimming even Olympic Sports, if you like watching the Olympics, surely you're going to love playing a miniclip, flash or shocwave Olympic game. But as you imagnie that's not all, these kind of sports games are even more fun when you get to play with your friends in 2 player mode or in multiplayer mode online. Race against your friends, find out who is more skilled than the other, participate in championships and try to win the first place, second place or third place. Win as many medals, coins and points you can and most importantly have fun!