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Strategy games

Do you like tactics, what about strategy games which you can play online for free? Learn how to plan tactics and strategies and you'll get to be the ruler, the king, the winner of some of the best 3d strategy war games you can find online. Do you know how many types of multiplayer strategy games are out there? If some of the kids enjoy the ones that are realistic, with 3d graphics, modern weapons and civilisations, other like the strategy board games, play with cards, objects or tiles, did you know that even chess is categorized of being a game of strategy? This type of game common requires from the players to have patience, good tactic skills, logic and also sometimes math, you'll have to learn how to plan and manage your resources, soldiers and armies if you play a war game or how to manage your resources if you playing a city, world simulator or other similar mmo or online multiplayer RPG game. These types of time management, real time strategy and rule the kingdom, tycoon games, are the ones that never gets old, and commonly played not only by the kids of 7 years old but also by the older ones, teenagers or even grown ups. Have fun!