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Sudoku games

Do you like brain teasers? Try our new Sudoku games online! These are some of the most fun logic and addicting games of sudoku that you could play on the PC, android phones, tablets or iOS and windows devices. One of the most classic games that the world had known, the mini sudoku, cross sums sudoku, killer, Alphbetical, Hipersudoku, duidoku or other mathematical version of sudoku had became very popular in the early 2005, but also there's a large amount of audience who still appreciate this type of logic games in 2014. Do you know how to play it? Well similar to other board games that you might had tried in the past, here you have a 9x9 grid with 3x3 sub grids, all of them form boxes, blocks and regions, which you have to complete with numbers counting from 1 to 9, very important is that you don't have two of the same numbers on the same line horizontally or vertically. Try as many variations you think you can handle and prove that you have the logic and math knowledge to complete any sudoku puzzle game. Also you don't have to be intimidated about these kind of games if you are a beginner, as you can be sure you can find easy Sudoku level games and all kinds of variations for kids which are more than easy and fun to complete. Enjoy!